Week 11

Rebecca says:

What happened this week?

We’ve had a break from the blog over the past two weeks, as I’ve been working with Danny to stop the 3D printed squids from leaking. We finally cracked it  – a low-tech solution of coating the models with layers of PVA and then polyurethane.  I’ve done a couple rounds of testing, and they all seem to be holding well.

On Thursday, we finally got to see the sealed up squid with bacteria in action. They’re looking amazing!

Side on squid

What did you learn?

It’s definitely been quite a learning curve working with these new materials and techniques. Similar to other creative projects that I have worked on, you never quite know what you are going to end up with, until you get stuck in and give something a go.

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

I can’t wait to see and hear other people’s reactions to the project once the installation is in place. We’re pretty excited about our glowing squid, and we hope others will be too!

What’s next?

Next up is printing the twenty-odd squid and starting the production line to seal them all up. My workspace is going to be overrun by squid for the next week or so!

Following that is finalising the last structural elements of the installation. Just over three weeks to go now!

Siouxsie says:

What happened this week?

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the lab front while I waited for the little squid to be made leak-proof. After several attempts it looks like Rebecca and Danny have cracked it and today Rebecca brought around a couple of models for us to play with. They look absolutely fantastic filled with the glowing bacteria.

What did you learn?

That it is possible to make a leak-proof 3D printed squid. Phew!

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

If I’m this excited at seeing two glowing squid, I can’t imagine what I’m going to be like when we have about twenty of them!

What’s next?

Now we know it’s all going to work, we need to decide how many squid to have in the piece and get them printed and made water tight. Meanwhile, back in the lab we’ll start making up all the twenty or so litres of media we are going to need to grow the bacteria in.

Squid triptych


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