Week 8

Rebecca says:

What happened this week?

This week was exciting as we had some prints of the squid made up by Danny at Vivenda, and they look very cool!

Proto squid

The models are based on the Hawaiian bobtail squid, which forms a symbiotic relationship with the bioluminescent bacteria that we’re using to create light.

What did you learn?

The squid look great, but they’re not watertight, which is not ideal for containing a solution of bacteria. I looked into some options for sealing the outer surface of the models – this even included visiting a boating specialist supplier.

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

After seeing the photo of the (albeit leaky) glowing squid, I’m particularly motivated to find a way to make it work in this form.

What’s next?

We’ve got a few ideas for getting around the leakiness, so now it’s just a matter of experimenting with these ideas. We also set up the time-lapse video to run again this weekend, so all going well we’ll have a video to show next week.

Siouxsie says:

What happened this week?

This week Rebecca brought round some 3D printed squid prototypes that Danny made for us. She had tried to make them watertight so we could see how well the bacteria looked inside them. Unfortunately, several layers of sealant later and they still leaked. But they still looked amazing when filled!

Filled squid

What did you learn?

That the squid will look amazing if we can get them leak proof.

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

Even though the prototype models are leaky, I can’t help but be excited about how the project is coming together. Rebecca and I had a bit of a brain storm and had plenty of ideas for things to try to resolve the problem. It feels like just a minor set back.

Filling the squid

What’s next?

Rebecca and Danny are going to try sort out the leaky models. All I can do now is wait.


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2 responses to “Week 8”

  1. sj says :

    have you considered an acetone bath for the 3d prints? it should help smooth over tiny gaps that were created during the printing process


    • rebeccaeklee says :

      Thanks for the comment. We’re using PLA rather than ABS in order to have a clear, transparent finish, so I don’t think an acetone bath will work in that case unfortunately.

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