Week 6

Rebecca says:

What happened this week?

This week I had some simple models made up using a 3D printer, so that we can check the luminosity of the bacterial solution through the printed material. Thank you to Danny at Vivenda 3D printing for whipping these up so quickly!

I also experimented with some other petri dish painting techniques and designs, which produced some interesting results. Here’s one of the designs with the lights on:

Petri dish design

What did you learn?

The watertightness of 3D printed models can be variable depending on the design and density of the print. We certainly don’t want bacteria leaking out from whatever receptacle we choose, so we’ll need to find some way to overcome this.

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

3D printing is a pretty exciting process to experiment with. You can see results very quickly and the possibilities really are endless.

What’s next?

More models, mark-making, time-lapse photography and experimentation ahead!

Siouxsie says:

What happened this week?

This week I picked up an AC adapter for my camera and tried out the time-lapse photography again. For some reason though the bacteria weren’t growing very brightly, which was a shame so I’m going to have to try that again.

I also tried growing the brightest bacteria from last week (BB1) in a larger volume of media E to see if the 300,000 relative light units measured by our luminometer is enough to see by eye. And it is, yay!

glowing solution

What did you learn?

That my eyes can see 300,000 relative units just fine!

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

I’m so excited that we’ve found good conditions for growing the bacteria so they glow, and that the light is bright enough to see by eye. Now we just have to work on what we are going to be putting the bacteria into.

What’s next?

I’m going to try the time-lapse again, but really we now need to be focusing on what some of receptacle we will be using to contain the bacteria for our piece.


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