Week 3

Rebecca says:

What happened this week?

I met Siouxsie at her lab to check out how the bacteria were glowing in solution. Unfortunately they were not cooperating and were barely glowing at all. Siouxsie will experiment with some different media to see if she can get them glowing better for next week.

After I left the lab, I went to meet my sister at Auckland Museum, where she works. We wandered around the exhibition Moana – My Ocean for some underwater inspiration. It was fun to explore the augmented reality specimens and experience being in the middle of a Hauraki Gulf boil up, or fish feeding frenzy. I also met some distant relatives of the bobtail squid, such as this alien-looking glass squid.

Glass squid

What did you learn?

This week did remind me that we are dealing with a somewhat unpredictable subject matter!

After attending Moana – My Ocean, I also watched the exhibition’s behind the scenes videos. Although it’s not directly related to our project, I enjoyed learning about all the work that goes into each element of an exhibition like that.

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

I can’t wait to see the final installation, but I’m also excited about documenting the process of how we get there. We’re actually working on an idea for a ‘behind the scenes’ video ourselves.

What’s next?

We’re getting closer to deciding on the final form to contain the bacteria, though we’re going to need some help in seeing this come to life. That’s what I’m working on this week.

Siouxsie says:

What happened this week?

Rebecca and I met for a catch up at my lab. I had hoped to have beautiful glowing bacteria to show her but they weren’t particularly bright. We had another chat about ideas for how to contain the bacteria.

What did you learn?

That bacteria don’t always do what you want them to do, but then as a microbiologist, I’m very familiar with this concept!

What are you most inspired by/excited about?

Same as last week, still excited by everything!

What’s next?

This coming week we are going to try a range of different types of media to see which our bacteria prefer to grow and glow in. We are going to set these experiments up overnight in a luminometer, a machine which measures light, so that we can take lots of measurements over time and see when the bacteria start to glow.



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